April 5, 2016

STD Testing Bakersfield

STD Testing Bakersfield, CA

Discrete STD Testing in Bakersfield, CA

Looking for fast STD testin in Bakersfield? Bakersfield or “Bako” referred to by its residents is a city in Southern California, however many of its residents still regard it as Central California, or in the Central Valley. Sitting at the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County, the city is the 9th largest in California. It should be no surprise to anyone that Sexually Transmitted Diseases (or STDs) are rampant throughout the city. Since early 2009 there as been a steady increase in cases of chlamydia, gonorrea, and early syphilis. The CDPH released a report in July 2015 showing the trend for various STDs in Kern County across various age demographics and ethnicities. STDs are disproportionately seen in Black and Latino communities compared to Whites and Asians.

STD Testing for Bakersfield, CA Kern County

This poses a myriad of hypotheses as to why this might be; however most of it has to do with socio-economics and thereby the lack of education and prevention programs in Bakersfield. In 2014 the report showed 61.2% of Kern County’s female population had contracted chlamydia, compared to 38.8% of Kern County’s male population having been infected. In reported cases of Gonorrhea 44% of females are infected, 55% of the male population are infected. With Syphilis 26% of female population are infected, while the male population in cities like Bakersfield account for 73.8% of syphilis infection. It’s important to also note many of these diseases are contracted simultaneously. It is not uncommon for a person to be carrying multiple STDs unknowningly. Thus the utmost urgency to get tested immediately at one of our various STD clinics in Bakersfield.

How do I know if I have an STD?

If you are sexually active, you probably have a lot of questions regarding STDs. Questions like:

  • How to get tested for STDs?
  • Where to get tested for STDs?
  • What is an STI?
  • Signs of an STD?
  • What do PAP smears test for?
  • How do you get an STD?
  • You are not alone. Sexually transmitted diseases are comprised of both bacterial and viral transmitters. Statistics studies conducted reveal that venereal diseases are most common among teens across California and the world. However this doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of adults who are infected either. The point is if you are the least bit sexually active with more than one steady partner you are at risk.

    If you live in Bakersfield and care about your sexual heath this article is for you. Below we help you understand the basics of STDs, most common ways in which they can be transmitted, standard signs and symptoms, and most importantly treatment and future prevention. Examples of these STDs include gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes simplex, HPV, and HIV.

    How Do You Get STDs?

    The most common way in which STDs are spread is through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person. Another factor that has accelerated the spread of venereal diseases includes direct skin-to-skin contact with an individual who is infected, especially when there are sores in the body. This is particularly witnessed in STDs like genital warts or herpes.

    A Changing Sex Culture

    It both today’s youth and adult population it’s a common misconception that you can’t contract STDs through oral or anal sex. This is a very misleading and complete myth, as most sexually transmitted diseases can be transferred via saliva, blood, or even skin to skin contact like Herpes.

    You can be certain nightclubs are full of STD carriers.

    Since STDs are either bacteria or viruses they can break through things like open sores in the mouth and even tears in the anus. Over the past decade in the 661 and the U.S. alike STDs have spread more rapidly. Many attribute this to the changing sex culture compared to previous generations. Things like postponing marriage, engaging with multiple partners, the overall single culture in general where a new partner every weekend is standard, pretty easy to see how this spread’s STDs. Another issue being you really can’t tell if someone has an STD for most diseases. The carrier is generally unaware as well thus adding importance of getting tested for STDs in Bakersfield.

    Signs and Symptoms for Common STDs

    Sexual transmitted diseases display and array of different symptoms. From physical changes on the skin to displaying no detectable signs at all. This is all contingent upon the individual and the actual STD, or even multiple contraction of STDs. Again everyone is case by case and it’s essential you get tested an STD clinic near you. Common symptoms however include:

  • 1) Painful urination or sensational burning while urinating
  • 2) Unusual discharge or pus from the penis or vagina
  • 3) Redness, bumps, increased itching near the genital area
  • 4) Warts or sores near the genital area
  • 5) Anal bleeding resulting in itching or tenderness
  • 6) Strong vaginal odor
  • 7) Noticeable or unusual pain during sexual intercourse
  • 8) Vaginal itching or irritation.
  • Diagnosis

    Upon scheduling an appointment a medical doctor or nurse will take a thorough look into the oral cavity, the rectum and the genital area and deduce their findings. Pelvic examination among the women can also be taken. Consequently, blood and urine tests will also be done in order to establish the type of STD. An infected individual should immediately request medical consultation for testing of STDs in Bakersfield.


    Depending on which STD someone is diagnosed with, individuals will be assigned the correct treatment. This may include drug prescription, or getting an injection, or antibiotics. For uncurable STDs like as HIV/AIDS or herpes, treatment is administered in order to relieve the symptoms and reduce pain.

    Looking for quick STD testing in Bakersfield, CA? Get tested today at our anonymous testing clinics. Simply order your test online today for herpes, HIV, HPV, chlamydia, and more sexually transmitted diseases.

    Looking for quick STD testing in Bakersfield, CA? Get tested today at our anonymous testing clinics. Simply order your test online today for herpes, HIV, HPV, chlamydia, and more sexually transmitted diseases.


    Prevention is the best cure for STDs. If you can practice safe sex, limit your partners, and regularly get yourself tested, you can severely reduce your risk for infection. Even if you’re married, it’s important you each get tested. Prevention measures such as using a condom for any sexual activity and regular medical check-ups will help reduce risk and the spread of infection.

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